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Getting out of town

The first two weeks of my journey have been spent staying with other people. I moved out of my apartment two weeks ago, and loaded the trunk of my car. I stayed with good friends Dan and Missy, and their little boys Zack,6 and Josh, 1.5, as well as the Slagle family, Marci, Doug, Anna, and teenagers Kenna and Kadyn. The rest of the time I’ve spent as a caregiver to senior citizens in their homes, which involves keeping them company and comfortable. Trying to bank as much cash I could before leaving, I picked up a few 24-hour-shifts, which pays decent money but can be brutal since it involves sleeping at the elder’s home and getting up with them at night. 

I knew I would miss my friends and family when I decided to take this trip, but the full force of it hit me the last three days. I’ve known all of my friends for almost 20 years, and although we’ve spent a lot of time together, it didn’t seem so when I was getting ready to leave them. My good friends have become family and some of my family have become good friends, all of whom i refer to as my “Grand Council.” Made up of a half dozen ladies, we’ve been through dozens of boyfriends, several husbands and many careers together.

Saying good-bye to all of them brought tears to my eyes and for the first time since I began I felt a brief moment of hysteria, and for a second, thought about not leaving. But, I did. It hurt and I cried, and I felt sad and guilty. 

Now I’m in Park City, recovering from two weeks of hard work, good-bye parties, long hours toiling with seniors, emotions and excitement. I leave in the morning for Vernal, Ut. and I realized that there’s no turning back now.

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