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Scandal in the Country

Well, I’ve created quite a scandal in this town. Phone lines were burning up from house to house last night, and I’ll be the subject of conversation around water coolers this morning because last night, in what this town considers to be a totally insane move, I, gasp, went to the bar by myself! Oh horror of horrors! When Kathy found out I was planning to go, she was on the phone to everyone trying to round someone up to go with me. Each person she talked to agreed that it was not okay for me to go alone, so they called two friend and they called two friends and so on and so on.

   I’ve been trying to get some time alone to go over to the Gateway Saloon since I got to town, but have been unable to shake my guardians. Aside from the fact that I sometimes enjoy sitting at the bar sipping my water and smoking my cigarettes, often when I have a writer’s cramp, if I sit there I get bored and start jotting ideas down, or finishing a story I’ve been working on.

   I also meet some of the neatest people in bars, and in the town, I’ve been trying to infiltrate the oil field workers and locals folks. Although I’ve talked to and met half the town, the mormon half, I know there’s always two sides to a story, usually more, and one of those sides frequents the bar. Many of the oilfield bosses, the ones who actually have the confidence and authority to talk to me about their jobs, hang out at the Gateway, usually in the afternoon while their guys are still out working and their women are home waiting for them. Many of the old local drunks hang out there as well, and although they don’t often let me quote them directly or use them in my stories, they’re happy to tell me all about what’s going on, and with whom, in town.

   So, I ventured out despite Kathy and everyone else’s objections. They did round me up a couple of girls who said they could go with me on Saturday, but having someone with me usually cramps my style. People are drawn to the lone writer sitting at the bar taking interest in their domain. My plan worked like a charm, and within 20 minutes had three conversations about the oilfield and the names of two guys in town to call for upcoming stories.

   When I returned home however, only 1.5 hours after I left, the calls were coming in. “Did you meet anyone?” “Were they cute?”  “Did they make a lot of money?” and “Are you going to call them?” It was totally foreign to everyone that I really wasn’t there to pick up on men, I was just there to meet people. Mike, the Mexican, was abhorred that I would go alone, and I’m sure believes me to be a brazen tramp who is sullying the reputation of his girlfriend (Kathy.)

   Of course I was the focus in the bar, I could tell by the curious looks the guys gave me and the bitchy looks the ladies gave me. The barmaids of course were very pleasant and seemed happy that finally someone like me dared come into the bar. We had a nice chat and they said they’d keep their ears open for stories, and gave me the name of a couple of teachers who they thought needed recognition.

   So, now that the irritation’s worn off, at least I’m able to be a source of entertainment for the townfolk. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll spark a conversation or thoughts of something different than these people are used to.

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  1. I like it! I love it! I need some more of it! Very good stuff!

    Comment by Timmy | August 22, 2008 | Reply

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