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It’s officially Fall

The first week of fall has officially ended, and the changing leaves are beautiful here. I spent one last weekend camping, and realized that I have officially camped every weekend for two months. The summer seems to have flown by, and I can hardly believe that winter’s just around the corner.

I’m having a blast at the Express office. Everyone there is so nice, and I’d forgotten what it was like to walk into the newsroom and have enthusiastic debates and candid discussions. I get my  mental stimulation at the office, and it’s good to feel like I’m part of something with a purpose. I’m excited because i get to do the “history” of the Vernal Express after we move into our new building next week. Our current building has housed the paper for i don’t know how many years, but the carpets are threadbare and the walls are dirty. The ceiling tiles are stained and threatening to fall on our heads under the weight of years of water damage and decay.

But the new building will be finished next week, and we’ll be moving into fancy new digs. For the official move I’m writing a story about the history of the express. Most of the old presses and stuff are now at the western museum, but I spent some time in the basement the other day checking out some old boxes of awards and paperwork. There’s an old darkroom, and copies of invoices and subscription logs from decades ago, when all records were handwritten in ledgers. Some of the awards go back as far as the 1950’s, and include best front page, best society section, and a few from the government for the paper’s dedication to helping the community by promoting bonds and immunizations.

It’ll be interesting to see what i find when I get to the bottom of the boxes of stuff that fill the two back rooms of the current office. I feel like I’m come full circle, and am happy about the fact that i started here 25-years-ago, and now I get to write a story about the history of the Express. Feels like good Karma to me.

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