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Reading Rocks!

When i first arrived my young housemates, Dustin and Alex, were not really big readers. It’s still a fight at night to get them to read 20 minutes, but they’re coming along quite nicely. They’re both alwyas interested in what’s going to be in the paper each week, and have accompanied me on several recon missions, including scouring the town for graffiti and recently driving around looking for signs of homeless people. They both use the term “investigating” quite often now, and both have given me good ideas for stories.

Having become more aware of the paper and watching a story go from conception, to research to the finished product, they both enjoy reading the paper now. When yesterday’s edition came out, I got a phone call from Dustin asking for more information on some of the stories. He also knows the name of every writer here, and can tell you who has written what for the past month. When we sat down to do the mandatory reading last night, they argued over who got to read the paper first, and if one was reading it the other tried to snatch it away. By the end of the night, we’d all read the paper, except for Kathy, who took about 45 minutes to read it from cover to cover.

They still don’t like to read the assigned books from school, but getting all three of them to get so excited about reading the paper each week makes me very proud. Of course I may subliminally be grooming the boys for a future in investigative reporting, but either way it’s working!

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