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Rainy Sunday

It’s a rainy day here in big V town, and it’s making me a bit melanchoy. Everyone is pretty much in church, so the good news is that there is little traffic. The bad thing is there’s no one to go to brunch with, read the sunday paper with and complain about the news, or watch a movie in the afternoon. There are no matinees here, and there’s seldom even an R rated movie playing. I’ve been pretty happy since I’ve been here, but today I feel restless and unfulfilled.  I’m still loving writing for the Express, but I feel myself getting back into the rut of newswriting. It’s easy to write about other people’s lives, and I’ve stayed plenty busy doing that, but I’m afraid that I’m being drawn back into the dark shadows that prevent me from writing from my heart.

So I’m wasting the day away in the office, it’s quiet and comforting. I was going to head for the dam and visit my friends there, but it’s wet and yucky, so I’ll write a few stories, enjoy my coffee and read the sunday paper.

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