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Me learning photography

Me learning photography

Me in action

Me in action

This has been a busy week at the Express. I’ve been learning how to take better pictures, and hope someday to be able to do it well. We put together a special edition for Veteran’s Day, and I’ve spent the week interviewing dozens of war veterans. It has been difficult because seniors typically take a lot of time to interview, but it feels really good to talk to them and see their eyes light up because someone feels they’re important enough to be recognized. When it’s all finished, it believe it will be one of the best veteran’s pieces I’ve ever been involved in, possibly one of the best ever.

The chaos and commitment paid off mentally for me however, and I’m reveling in the energy and excitement of staying late in the newsroom to get all the stories right. We ordered in pizza, turned up the tunes and pounded out copy until well into the evening. Being here is the kind of experience I remember hoping for when I was just a young girl who dreamed of becoming a writer someday. If I might toot my own horn for a moment, I Rock!

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