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Flying High

I’m feeling pretty full of myself and confident in some of my new-found abilities. I’ve found myself asking the hard questions, both of myself and those I interview. In the past I would have avoided asking them, or been bothered asking them, but now it seems that most of the time, whatever’s going through my mind comes out my mouth. I’ve had a good response from various people I’ve interviewed to questions I ask, and I enjoy the element of control (or perceived control) I get from making people nervous with my inquiries. No matter how big or how small the matter we’re discussing, the power that comes with prompting someone out of their comfort zone is almost intoxicating, and invokes me to push a little harder. A little ironic for me, considering I’m the queen of comfort zones.

I was privileged to cover a touching ceremony at a local school, that had a lot of native american symbolism. The community, which in that particular school zone is largely native american, has been divided by cultural differences, and was originally closed after much finger-pointing and blaming. Through the help of the tribe and its commitment to keeping their children in the community to be taught, the school was saved and “re-opened” this year under a new name. The ceremony last night was to bid farewell to a portion of the school that will be demolished. The audience was full of mixed races, and speakers were full of sentiment as they “put to sleep” the memories of the old school. The opening invocation was offered, and it was the first time I’ve ever heard a prayer in a public place in Utah that didn’t include opening with “our father in heaven,” and ended with “in the name of…” This prayer was offered to “our maker,” and gave thanks and asked for continued blessings. The ceremony ended with young and old men gathering in a circle around a drum, pounding out a moving farewell prayer, along with changing, that moved even the smallest of children in the audience to dance with the drummers.

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