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Attracting turkeys

I spent a leisurely saturday morning driving around the country looking for the chance to use some of my newly learned photo wisdom. Kathy and the boys rode shotgun, and within a short time I was shooting photos of mountains, climbers, rivers and rocks. And then we saw the turkey. He was alongside the road and Kathy noticed him first with her keen eye, and made me turn around. There were actually two turkeys, but one was balanced atop a fence and had no interest in me. The second, who I like to call Tom, was very interested in me, and as I knealt down to his level to take photos, he started walking closer to me. Initially his feathers weren’t ruffled, but he pranced in front of me like a young boy trying to impress a girl. I inched closer to him, and he inched closer to me. I thought he seemed a little sad looking, and thought perhaps the turkey on the fence was his mate who was ignoring him. He came within five feet of me and began to ruffle his feathers. Then he pranced back and forth and the next thing I knew he was within three feet of me and all of his feathers were spread in their splendid glory. Then we looked into each other’s eyes, and I’m pretty sure that dirty bird was coming on to me! So I snapped the last shot, and left him, rejected, alongside the road where I found him.

The Turkey who loves me

The Turkey who loves me

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