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Wandering the country

I spent the day yesterday wandering aimlessly through the mountains, something I would never have done before. “What if we get lost? What if the bears attack us? What if we freeze out here and die????” Amazingly enough, those thoughts only entered my head a few times, and only for a minute or so. I was wandering with my friend, whom I’m surprised to find I trust absolutely. I’ve followed many men blindly in the past, only to find out eventually that they were fools and I was right to second-guess them. I guess I do have some trust issues, but only because my experience has been that it’s easier to trust myself than other, and be disappointed or put in a bind. Prepared to be afraid and judgmental, I was surprised to find that I really just enjoyed not being in charge, and enjoyed the hike through the new fallen snow. The woods were silent and beautiful, hushed by the pristine snow. We followed rabbit tracks to the edge of a 3,000 foot cliff, and although I didn’t get too close to the edge, I did get close enough to appreciate the incredible view. I kept waiting for the “skip” as Becky calls it. The moment when my mind takes over and screams at me to cease and desist enjoying myself. It never came.

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