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Realizing my own ignorance

I saw the show MILK when I was in the City with Jess, and it sparked some self-reflection into my own ignorance. I consider myself tolerant of others, but have remained emotionally and mentally detached from what some have gone through in life. The movie made me realize that I have no idea what these people (the gay and lesbian) have suffered at the hands of American people, and our own government. I’ve never trusted the government, but to think that so many people could be influenced and brainwashed into believing the same thing is frightening. Those thoughts spiraled into what I do and don’t know about other things/people. I’ve lived in my own world for so long, that caring about others has become secondary. I’m ashamed to admit that much of what I thought was my personal enlightenment has really just been ignorance and avoidance, including the way I view some of the people here. Judgment is not a pretty thing, no matter how pretty the judge is. I’ll work on that.

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