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Sunset Hike

It was nearly dark and temperatures were falling, the hike through fresh, untouched snow was tedious and draining. But I saw the ridge in the distance and longed to reach it. Driven by an unexpected and largely unexplainable desire to conquer, I cast my fears aside and trudged on. Moving through the snow was like moving through water, every step resisted. Like trying to run in a dream and going nowhere.
So I ran faster and harder, the cold fresh air both burning and massaging my lungs at the same time. LIke swimming to the surface from the depths below, I feared my lungs would burst before I reached my destination.
And then I was there–at the top, looking back at my trail, marveling at the fact that I had arrived. The sun set in front of me, and the frozen landscape of canyons, hills and valleys were aglow, flaming before my eyes in the reflection of the setting sun. I was in territory I have never known, unafraid and undeterred. I pushed farther and higher so I could see more, feel more, revel more.
With darkness fast approaching I knew I should be afraid, should run back to safety and leave this strange place. But I stayed. I stayed and dreamed and felt safe and content. Safe that I would live, content that I would enjoy. And when I finally retreated it was with sorrow. sunsethiker1

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