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Changes in the Country

With the warmer winds of spring have come big changes here in V town. My good friend and editor Patrick has decided to explore the country and will be leaving next month. Since I’ve taken the Associate Editor’s position I’ve been challenged and conquered some fears, and with his departure I will be challenged more and facing new fears. The team we’ve established include people I now consider friends, and the thought of a breakup is harder than I thought it would be. I’m confident I can perform adequately, but I suspect it will be a lonely transition. I’m planning to take a small apartment for the duration, which will give me some much needed alone time, both physically and in my head. I go back to work at the dam part time at the end of this month, which will bring me some comfort and distraction. I’m really starting to miss my old friends and the comfort of being in a nice rut. But I’ll plug along, and accept the changes that are inevitable.

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