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Lost in the country

In my journey to find myself, I’ve temporarily lost myself. There are so many changes going on right now, and so many new opportunities available, I’m paralyzed with indecision. My original plan of taking to the road for one year has turned into being on the road indefinitely. I have great opportunities here, but I can’t help feeling a little guilty and obligated to adhere to my original plan. Of course that plan was tailored around safe, easy environments, that were not challenging or frightening. Now I have achieved more status as a writer, and with it comes the realization that I can’t float through life forever. I have decided to stay here in V town for another six months, and take on the task of acting as editor to the V Express. I’ll be offsetting the new responsibilities with giving dam tours a couple weekends each month through the spring and summer, and am looking forward to more time spent camping and meeting new people.
I went on a long hike the other day, the longest in fact that I’ve ever taken, nearly 12 miles. It’s amazing how wandering through the wilderness clears my mind, and momentarily takes all my troubles away.

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