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Home sweet home–for a while

I’ve slowly settled into my new abode here in big V town. It’s a quaint little place with hardwood floors, a psychedelic kitchen floor, a bedroom with no door and a bathroom that has a bad habit of locking me in. The man smell is almost gone, as are most of my candles, and it’s beginning to feel like home. I scored the place off my editor Patrick, who is, as we speak, braving the perils of Mexico for a month.
I’m finding myself a bit overwhelmed with the thought of furnishing a new home, aka a new life. I’ve enlisted the help of my partner in crime here, as far as getting started on the necessities. I’ve never lived completely alone, and it was sad for me to move my two suitcases in, realizing that Jess’s stuff wasn’t going to follow. But I’m getting better at feeling comfortable there and am looking forward to a nice summer in my little abode.
I’ve continued my quest for new books, some have been good, others bad, but they’re all books I wouldn’t otherwise think of reading. My latest favorite is “To Kill a Mockingbird,” my least favorite has been “Steppenwolf.”

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