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Big Changes

Apparently it’s not my destiny to live alone for longer than one month. I’ve inherited a teenage boy for a while, he’s 6’2″ tall and his shoes next to my door fill the whole doorway. I have mixed feeling about my new roomie. He has a good heart and a good mine, but despite his size he’s still a scared little boy inside. He’s never ventured out of the city much, and is excited at every little thing he sees here. I love him dearly and am happy to have him here, but I worry about providing him all that he needs. The old feeling of mothering and guilt come back every time I leave him alone for a couple of hours, I feel guilty for not entertaining him or keeping him busy. I have support in the form of several friends here though, and deep in my heart I know it’s a good situation for both of us.
We’ve begun eating dinner in the breakfast nook, which means I’ve begun to cook. The hamburger helper I’ve mastered, but we can only eat so much of that, so I guess I’ll find something else, perhaps broaden my spectrum of daily food.

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