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Life’s impact

After the untimely death of a young friend, (21) I’ve been pondering the impact we all have in this world, and in our death. She was an energetic young thing, her name was Maddy. She was one year older than Jess and was well known in town. I heard of her passing from my good friend Kathy, who is her aunt, and was immediately filled with a sense of sadness. I watched the cars drive by and people go in and out of stores, about their daily lives. They had no idea that the world was standing still for Maddy’s family, no idea that a beautiful young life had just ceased. I cried thinking of her mother, who was living in a split world of one that has stopped, and one that keeps revolving. Her brothers, both teenagers, seemed to want to stop, but to also keep busy, moving, doing anything that would keep them from being alone in their own minds.
It makes me miss Jess, and all my family and friends. It makes me want to gather all of my loved ones into my arms and not let go. It makes me want to tell the world to slow down and everyone to enjoy each other.
And it makes me wonder how many people will be effected by her death. It makes me ashamed that I don’t always put the most effort into the obituaries that I edit each week. I often rush through them, not knowing the deceased, and think ” oh it’s the family rambling so I’ll leave it as it is.” Immediately after hearing about the tragedy, the thought going through my mind was that I need to be extra careful about using semi colons in her obit, making sure everyone is properly recognized, and that her true essence is portrayed.
I miss everyone, and I feel lonely here, although I’m sure it’s only temporary.

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