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The boys are back

I have gathered my young men once again. This go round I have Mitch and Alex, if you recall from last year’s adventures they didn’t get along really well. But added to the mix this year is Dylan, 17. He’s taken on an authoritative position with the younger ones. The same two boys who wouldn’t leave my side last year are falling all over each other to hang with Dylan and be “cool” like he is. They’ve been riding their bikes all over town, I’m tempted to get them pink jackets so they can be a bicycle gang. They fall over themselves trying to get close to the leader, and try to outdo each other with horrible man stories. Dylan has been a godsend, although it was very much in disguise. Unsettled about his arrival at first, and still bothered by the urine on the toilet and the showerhead that is always re-adjusted to squirt me in the face, I’m seeing some of the rewards of our efforts. As we sat around the tiki torch the other night, he let out a sigh and stated he had “something with his stomach.” He clarified by saying it wasn’t anything bad, but instead it was like a “really, really good feeling. Like everything was right with the world for once.” I told him that was also known as “peace,” and he’s announced that he’s at “peace” several more times as we sat around the campfire in the torrential downpour.
He’s a great influence on everyone he comes in contact with, reinforcing manners and “gentlemanly” behavior, as he calls it.

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