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Driven to poetry?

After a long time in the making, much needed meltdown, I have recovered and am re-motivated. My mother calls me “The Great Pretender,” and although I don’t always agree with her, she reminded me recently that I often live my life by making sure everything around me is seen just as I would like it to be seen. On the rare occasion my fortress develops cracks, I often freak out and sometimes make hasty decisions that although they feel good at the time, don’t always prove to be the best thing for me in the long run.
So this time, I tried something new to relieve my frustrations. I took pen in hand and wrote with reckless abandon, disregarding writing rules, conscious objections and personal criticism.
The result may very well be what they call poetry. At least for me it’s pretty close. I think. So here’s my finished attempt, don’t let it alarm you or be worried about me, just think of it as one of my developing new talents.

They’re all lined up in a row, shiney and strong
Balanced atop each other, stacked and staggered for strength
Forming triangles of shadow upon the supporters below
Shining balls of valour shielding the essence within

One breaks loose, rolling down the wall of the others
Leaving a void, a portal within the weakened wall
The essence flows out, passionately descending
Happy to be freed from its prison of safety

Diving down the walls, arching for the encompassing freedom
Only to dissipate below, losing strength, roiling back on itself,
Robbed by freedom, hurt by nature, it retreats through the shadows
Back toward it’s place above

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  1. Beautiful…

    Comment by gary | September 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. You are damned talented! I love that you are writing on you weblog. It reminds me what my big sis is up to. I miss ya, you should think about coming out here for thanksgiving!

    Comment by Timmy | September 20, 2009 | Reply

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