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Leap of faith

My time here in V town has come full circle. After six months of living in my quaint little apartment, I’m moving back in with Kathy and the boys, whom I lived with for eight months last year. My main motivation is that I want to save money to finance the next leg of my journey, which is Mexico in a few months. My second motivation is that I’ve found I don’t really like being alone quite so much. I’m looking forward to busy holidays, bonding with the boys and helping make kathy’s life easier. I’m hoping it will also help distract me and help the time I have left here fly by. With winter coming and the temperatures already dropping, the beach in Mexico seems like a much nicer place to be than here.

I received a positive response to a query letter I sent out for a book I’ve been working on, and view it as the first positive step in my career as an author. They may still reject my manuscript, but it feels good to have sent it out and gotten back into the groove of my main mission–become an author.

I’ve learned a lot about myself here, and will have fond memories when I go, but I’m standing on the edge of greatness, and am taking the first step of faith.

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