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Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home—My life of solitude has ended. I spent my first night back with K and the boys, in a warm home with the smell of sugar cookies baking, watching television and feeling cozy. While assembling the deluxe bedroll I omitted what was a small step, but turned out to be an integral part of the deluxe part of the bedroll. After freezing on the floor for more than an hour, I moved to the couch and finally got warm. Just as I began to fall asleep, I was rousted to consciousness by the sound of projectile vomiting hitting linoleum in the bathroom. Our number one fan had taken ill, but lucky for all of us K is very efficient at cleaning up after sick people, so we were back in our beds and drifting off again in less than an hour.

This time I was awaken by a sound I couldn’t recognize, so I was forced to get off the warm couch to go look for it. I found Grizz, the dog, who’s on a diet, gulping down all of the cat food. I shooed him away and took him outside with me to look at the stars. He promptly threw up and came back wagging his tail. I’m pretty sure Grizz is bulimic.

I finally slept for about six hours uninterrupted, and woke chipper and ready to face the world, or at least this town, for another week and another paper.

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