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A vow of silence

Today begins my 21 day vow of silence. After four days with good friends and traveling about, It’s been nice to not talk and have to be involved in every discussion, quandry and/or debate. K is having a little bit of a hard time with it, the boys are quite excited and curious to see how it will work. They’ll be forced to read anything I want to say to them, and I think they’re already plotting ways to get me to talk. I think it will be good to force them to slow down, especially our number one fan, who talks all the time.

My goals for the sabbatical are to blog every day, seek at least one freelance writing opportunity every day, write 1500 words on my next book every day, and to pay attention to those around me more.
The morning started well, as I sat silently in the back yard waiting for the bulimic dog to do his business, smelling the fresh morning air. I heard a bird chirping from the electrical wire above, and wondered what he was trying to say. Driving to the office I noticed a quaint home that I have driven by dozens of times before, but never noticed. I wondered about the occupants, were they old? Young? LIke many others in the Basin, were they waking up to what could be the last day in their home before it’s foreclosed upon? Did they have children? Where would they go?

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