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Silence is Golden

Day one of my vow of silence has proven promising. My mind and emotions are settling down, and my angst is lessening. K and the boys are having a good time with it, turns out our number one fan is brilliant at charades, I haven’t had to write any notes for him, he gets what I’m saying by my motions and expressions. It has made him slow down a little to communicate with me. The youngest seems to be enjoying the interaction as well, and waits anxiously for the next note I write just for him. My silence seems to make him more chatty, where before I would receive a half sentence as a response, now he takes the opportunity to tell me the whole story.
I’ve been forced to focus on people and get closer in proximity, sitting near them so they can read my notes. It’s caused those around me to become patient, as they wait for me to write my response or question. I think it’s also forced a personal connection, as many attempt to end my questions/comments out loud, guessing at the outcome, impatient for me to finish writing.
The trouble and concerns that have plagued me for weeks seem smaller and less overwhelming, as I focus on the world around me, the moment, the day, and the scenery.

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