Tabatha Deans

Bringing Integrity to the Written Word

Summer strife

I found this writing in a notebook from the bottom of my backpack this summer, and thought I’d share.

The twisted path leading to the kingdom was covered with pebbles and rocks of all sizes, hindering our approach. Some were so big we had to forge a path around them, encompassing it and resuming our tedious trail. Medium stones fooled us, welcoming our steps and offering sturdy support, only to turn on us, rolling our ankles and twisting our toes as we yelp in pain and surprise.
But the tiniest stones, those no bigger than a grain of sand, appearing harmless–Soft when gathered with thousands, massaging our hands as we let the warm bunch run through our fingers. Yes, the tiniest of tiniest spec of rocks, sneaks within my shoe, between my sock and sensitive sole. It subtly, slowly silently begins to bring me down. Rubbing away at the one spot that hits the ground repeatedly, until the tiny grain has worn a hole through my skin, a tiny crater that bleeds, rubs and painfully halts my journey.

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