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Having made the decision to make Denver home, I decided there were a few essentials I need before I can survive as an Urbanite. I’m anxious to try living without a vehicle, and look forward to carrying my groceries home from the market in my little reusable bags. So a good backpack was definitely in order, as well as good music. After being an iPod hater for years, I realized that if I was going to spend the better part of my days walking or riding a bike that I needed to be able to listen to music as I wandered. I listen responsibly, using only one earbud and keeping my other ear open for cars. So I hopped on Mona’s bicycle and headed for the local mall, which I estimated was about five miles away. I pedaled enthusiastically for about 10 minutes, much of which was on a slight incline, and eagerly began watching for the Park Meadows mall around every corner and over every hill I rode. Thirty minutes later the mall came into view. Exhausted and sweaty, I was hugely disappointed and frustrated when I realized that although I could see the mall, the bicycle path circled all the way around it, which was probably another mile, and the mall was surrounded by a huge hill and a chain link fence. I am proud to admit that I made it the entire way, and resisted the burning in my legs and lungs that told me to get off the bike and push it the last half mile uphill to the mall. I have mocked people who push their bikes rather than ride it, so I plugged along and finally stopped at the entrance to the mall to catch my breath. My efforts were well rewarded, as I found the perfect backpack and a delicious chinese restaurant, where I ate a rice and chicken bowl before beginning my journey home. The ride home was a little easier since I circumvented the hill and fence of the mall, instead riding along the actual road with the cars to make a straightline for the bike path. Upon returning home I googled my journey, which in reality, turned out to be just shy of 20 miles. 20 miles, on a bicycle, all by myself in a strange land. I rock!

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  1. Yay! You decided to make Denver home! Can’t wait to see my sis move out here to the mountains!

    Comment by Timmy | September 25, 2010 | Reply

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