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I spent a wonderful week in Vernal, visiting with old friends, meeting a few new people and reveling in the nostalgia of a place I once lived, and still consider one of my homes. Although I’ve only been gone a few months, it was a little surreal returning to the Basin, especially when people began coming up to say Hi to me and saying they’d thought I’d left. I explained I was back for a visit, and they gladly caught me up on the goings on in town since I’d been gone. I ate frog legs,(which were not very good) went on a triple date (three guys and one girl, but its not how it sounds, two of us were trying to set a guy up with another girl) shot some pool and indulged in a few days of wonderland. And I got my teeth cleaned by the best dental hygienist ever. She praised me for my efforts to focus on my oral hygiene, and assured me that my teeth were good for at least another three months. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, my exercise routine went out the window, and by the time I tiredly boarded the bus to return home my blood sugars were starting to creep up with the lack of exercise routine.

I have been many exciting places and stayed with many interesting people, all of whom have contributed something great to my life. But the G family has given me one of the best gifts of all—the gift of health. Mr. and Mrs. G are very health conscious, and it is because of them that I’ve been able to successfully kick my junk food habit. (Which my dental hygienist says is a contributing factor in my good teeth.) It was relatively easy to stay away from the junk food in Mexico, since there were no fast food restaurants for 40 miles in either direction. But upon returning to the states I feared I would fall prey to the convenience and fall back into my old habits. But the G’s have helped make sure that doesn’t happen, feeding me home cooked meals and insisting I take my vitamins every day. In addition to that, they are all more than willing to work out with me, whether its walking around the neighborhood, doing ab workouts in the basement, or our latest fitness routine, Insanity. The result has been a stabilization of my blood sugars and a reduction in the amount of insulin I take. Being away for a week made me realize just how big of a gift they have given me by taking me into their home. It’s true what they say—without your health, you’ve got nothing.

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