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Bringing Integrity to the Written Word

Living in a household with mostly males, I thought I was familiar with the effects of testosterone flowing through the air. But then I went to a sports bar. It was a Saturday and there was a football game at the University of Utah, including a full day of tail-gate parties and festivities. Mr. and Mrs. G, along with a couple of other friends, went to a local sports bar after the game to hang out and continue the day’s excitement by watching more sports at the bar. It was a cold and rainy day, and I had planned to hunker down in the warm basement and get some writing done. After a couple of hours I decided to join them, so I got all gussied up and headed to the bar.

When I walked in I felt like I had walked into the twilight zone. There were at least 100 men, and a few women in the small bar, and nearly a dozen flat screen televisions were mounted at the top of the wall a few feet apart. Several screens were broadcasting ultimate combat fights, while others broadcast football and/or baseball games. Since the t.v.’s were elevated, viewers were forced to look up to see the action. I walked in the door and stopped to look around for my friends. The scene inside was slightly frightening. It was like looking at a group of penguins, all huddled together with their faces elevated, heads moving back and forth slightly in unison as their gaze traveled back and forth between several televisions. All of the men were entranced with the t.v.’s, staring with glassy eyes at the flat screens. There were men of all ages and all sorts there, one young man obviously needed glasses because his entire faced was scrunched up as squinted to see the action. Another, middle aged man, was focusing so hard that the veins in his forehead were popping out, and yet another, older gentleman, had a look that resembled horror on his face.

Everywhere I looked men were staring, none of them smiling, or looking remotely like they were having fun. Many were scowling and many others just stood with their jaws open watching the games/fights. By the serious tone of all their faces, you would have thought they were watching some unbelievable breaking news story. Then, all of a sudden, somebody scored, which sent a wave of excitement/disappointment/anger through the crowd. The faces all continues to look upward, but some shifted to express excitement and joy, while others grimaced and grabbed their heads with their hands. Now I can certainly understand getting into the team spirit, but this continued on well after one game ended and another began, and through every round of fighting that was shown. It was not an attractive sight at all, and it was very disconcerting to see that many men in that state of oblivion. Pretty girls would walk by to go to the bathroom, and not a single man took his eyes off the screen to check them out. They stood in the aisle, and when I said “excuse me” to walk past several of them, they blinked and looked down at me like I was an alien who had just landed in the bar. No acknowledgement, no recognition, and I’m pretty sure a couple of them were drooling.

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