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I started the Master Cleanse five days ago. It was something I could never fathom going myself, but in the spirit of trying new things, I decided to give it a shot. What the heck. After 42 years I guess it would make sense that the ol’ pipes could use a good cleaning. So lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, along with one chicken nugget and a handful of popcorn, have been my only sustenance. My intention was for four days, but it turns out that it really only truly works if you do it for ten days, with mostly good results if you go at least 6 days. I split the difference and decided to go for six days.

I know many people who have utilized a cleanse to help “reset” their systems, clean their pipes, spiritual journey, cleansing of their soul etc… It all sounded good for them, but never had any desire to try it myself, partly because I thought I was okay the way I was. I didn’t have 20 pounds of pent up waste inside of me, not physically nor emotionally. So while I tried to be supportive of loved ones when they did their particular cleanse, I didn’t truly understand it, nor whole-heartedly believed in it.

SMACK! That was the Universe getting me again…
After five days I feel good, a little light headed if I stand up too fast, but aside from that I have more than sufficient energy, and am not really hungry. I can feel my stomach cleaning itself out when it rumbles and gurgles, but I feel lighter and sharper then usual. I didn’t think I was having any kind of spiritual/universal/emotional effects of the cleanse, until I stood in front of the mirror naked this morning. I was pretty happy with the woman looking back at me. The entire woman, thighs and all. I can never again mock those whom I do not understand.

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