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With a new life I decided I needed some new goals. Still settling into my surroundings I’ve decided to start with a few things that I can do everyday that will make me feel smarter and healthier. So I have engaged the help of Mitchell in the smart department, he is, after all, one of the smartest kids I know. He’s also becoming fluent in French, and has agreed to give me daily lessons. Je M’appelle Tabatha. (My name is Tabatha) I’m feeling smarter already.
I’ve also decided to try a tap dance class. I went with Mona and Ashley to Ashley’s first dance class the other day, and when the little girls donned their tap shoes and click clacked around the studio, it reminded me how much I used to enjoy watching old movies with tap-dancing stars. There’s something about the tap, tap, tapping that is almost mesmerizing, and her dance teacher informed me that they have adult classes every week, and that it was a fun way to get a good workout. I took tap dance when I was little, and don’t remember much about the routines, but I do remember how much I loved the feeling of making music with my feet. So, tap dance it is.
Mitch and I take a daily walk, which takes us through the community park and along the bike path through the open fields and around the neighborhood. Ashley accompanied us the other day, and as we played around on the playground, I couldn’t resist the urge to impress them both with my outstanding ability to do tricks on the bars. I hung upside down, swung back and forth, and attempted to swing my way across the hand walker bars. (The ones where you dangle and work your way across from bar to bar, using your upper body strength to propel yourself forward.) Apparently, the feat was much easier when I was young and weighed less, because my attempt at grandeur was horribly thwarted when I realized I couldn’t pull my body weight up with my arms. So, goal number 3—be able to perform three pull-ups—without a jumping or running start.

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