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Bringing Integrity to the Written Word

Last night as I lounged on the couch, anxiously awaiting the latest episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter, I was introduced to a new tradition that I’ve never known of before. Ashley emerged from her bedroom with a bowl and a stick, which turned out to be an ink pen, and declared that she was setting a trap for the leprechauns. I had forgotten it was the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, and watched in amusement as she and Tim went about bracing the bowl up with the pen behind the chair. They were careful to make sure the trap would work, testing it once or twice by pulling the pen out and letting the bowl fall flat, which, apparently, traps the unsuspecting leprechaun underneath. Satisfied that the trap would work, they read books and Ashley retired to bed.
“That was cute,” I thought to myself as I was absorbed farther into the comfy couch and hypnotized by the stream of horrible commercials on television. Before long, I heard snickering coming from behind the chair. Ashley was sound asleep and I peeked around the corner of the chair to see where the giggling was coming from. And there, dropping gold coins and shiny green clover leafs, was a six-foot-tall leprechaun, which bore a striking resemblance to my brother, crouched behind the couch, softly laughing as he sprung the trap. Of course the trap was far too small to actually catch the crafty fellow, but apparently it was enough to tip over his pot o’ gold and knock his tiny green top hat off, because when Ashley awoke this morning, she was excited to find a trail of gold coins and a tiny little leprechaun hat under the sprung trap.

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