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I spent a delightful weekend beginning with an adventure downtown with Princess Ashley. We walked to Colfax, caught a bus, then another bus, then the train, and ended up at the Convention Center, where there’s a 3 story tall big blue bear, named “I See What You Mean” who peers into the big glass windows. We wandered the center, enjoyed a snack and some coloring, before reversing out journey home. She was a trooper even though it involved a lot of walking.
Next up was a tour of downtown Denver architecture with Mitchell. Doors Open Denver was a weekend event that entailed 70 local buildings of architectural interest opening their doors for all to see. We toured the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, the Buell Theatre and the Denver Art Museum. The architecture was amazing and although exhibits at the Art Museum were technically not part of the tour, nobody stopped us as we walked into the “Cities of Splendor—Renaissance Italy” exhibit.
I’m not much of an art expert, but the ambience made me feel as if I were really in Italy, and the detail in the paintings was amazing. Mesmerized by the sheer grandeur of the exhibit, we ended up spending the bulk of our afternoon there and didn’t get around to seeing the other sights. Mitchell treated me to a lunch of cheap Chinese food, and a bit of wandering up and down Colfax Avenue.
As we were walking down the street I heard a dog howling from what seemed to be underneath the very sidewalk we were standing on. I looked down and sure enough, the sound was coming from underneath the grate we were standing on. I assumed someone had left their dog in a parked car in the parking garage underneath the street, until we crossed the next grate, from which came the sounds of a symphony. Every grate we passed over treated us to a different sound, although there was no rhyme or reason to the plethora of sounds that floated up.

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