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Bringing Integrity to the Written Word

It’s a particularly rainy day in Denver, accompanied by thunder and lightning that rumbles across the city and rattles the windows. A perfect day to stay in and get some writing done. Or so I thought. Just as I sat down to my computer, I heard the fire alarm beeping in the hallway outside my door. Being super-aware of the importance of alarms after my CERT training, I threw open my door to see what the matter was. The beeping stopped. Must have been a fluke. I went back to working and watching the rain, and the offending noise struck again.
This time I stepped out and looked up at the alarm, to see if maybe it was running low on batteries. The sky outside the window lit up with a flash of lightning, and the alarm went off. Not only this one, but the other three that line the ceiling of the hallway. Coincidence I’m sure. But just to be really sure, I waited and watched. Sure enough, as soon as the sky lit up again, the alarm went off. I stayed and observed for another three lightning flashes, and each time the unit began beeping. I’m not at all sure what that means, but in the absence of any fire or smoke, I decided to try and ignore it, which my CERT instructor would not agree with, but I did anyway.
On the upside, apparently thunder and lightning are good for whatever waves carry the internet, because my computer seems to be running at lightning speed today…

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