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With the weather finally getting warmer and no rain in sight, I resumed my daily jogging routine this morning. Only owning two pair of shorts, and having been banned from wearing one particular pair by Jessica, I donned my old-fashioned gym shorts for my morning run. They’re gray with white trim, and would look really cool with knee socks, but I refrained from taking the look that far. I’m aware they’re a bit out-dated, but it was hot and a little muggy so I went for it anyway.
My older sister Debbie is coming to visit from Utah tomorrow, and as I made my morning oatmeal I realized that if I was going to entertain for a few days I would need another plate, since I only own one of everything. Killing two birds with one stone, I jogged up to the thrift store in search of kitchenware. I scored two plates that match my décor, and was walking down Colfax with my new purchases. I left the house wearing only my Mexican make-up—big sunglasses.
As I stopped at a light and stood there slightly rocking out to my iPod, I noticed a nice-looking gentleman in a black Escalade also waiting for the light. Our eyes met and he smiled, I had caught him checking me out. I looked away for a few seconds then looked back again as the traffic started moving. Our eyes again met and he gave me the “I’m definitely checking you out smile.” He drove down the road about half a block then looked back at me one more time and smiled, then gave me the thumbs up.
Up until that point I chose to believe that it was my muscular legs that caught his eye. But after the thumbs-up signal, I decided it could only be my retro-shorts…

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