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One of the perks of being a starving writer has always been the fact that I don’t need much money to live on, and have always been able to take some kind of mindless job to supplement my income in times of need. I’ve often taken jobs that many won’t, at least not many adults, such as a cashier at a bowling alley, a call-center phone specialist, or my personal favorite, a Dam Tour Guide. I’ve never really been affected by the job market or the economy because I don’t often seek high-paying, corporate jobs.
Until now. Apparently the repressed economy has many unemployed people searching for a job, any job, just to pay the bills. I find myself competing against dozens, probably hundreds in some cases, of people who are seeking employment. And apparently, the only secure job these days is that of Barista, which I am not. I have spent countless hours trying to navigate,, the Department of Workforce Services and dozens of other employment websites, only to receive either no response to my inquiries and resumes, or to receive an email stating that the message I sent was undeliverable.
I miss the days when I could spend Sunday morning going through the help wanted ads of the newspaper, circling jobs that seemed fun, new, or I was qualified for. It’s just not the same to be tied to a computer all day scrolling through websites, or trying to figure out the language that particular website uses for positions such as cashier, or counter help. It certainly makes me feel old to realize that while I’ve spent the last ten years chasing the news, the rest of the world has been mastering new computer programs that I’ve never even heard of.
But, I refuse to give up hope. I know, deep in my heart, that someone out there will actually receive a copy of my resume, and will be in need of my services. Until then, I will continue wandering the city, resume in hand, searching for “Help Wanted” signs…

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