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Although I still don’t care for my job, I’m starting to see some positive results in a few areas. First of all my bank account has a steady stream of cash coming into it, and secondly my upper body is starting to tone up from all the lifting and moving. I’m starting to fit in a little better, although the non-cleaning girl still managed to get my blood pressure up whenever she comes within five feet of me. And since school is back in session I’m meeting more people.
My new sidekick is a man named Richard. I love the way the Hispanic lady says his name, “Reeshard,” it just sounds so cute when she says it. Anyway, Richard is a big help, and of late its just he and I working through the afternoon and into the evening. He’s a hard worker and hustles, and is happy to have the job, especially when we cash out the meager tips at the end of the day. He walked me to the train station yesterday, and I got to know him a little better. He’s only 26, and apparently he earned his janitorial degree and his culinary arts degree while incarcerated, just prior to landing this job. We had to hustle because his ankle monitoring device only allows him to stay out until 8 p.m. On the bright side, if I had to be walking around a strange town in the dark I guess it was good to be doing so with a gangsta looking fellow. He’s a good kid, but I get the feeling he’s had a rough life and am not sure he’ll be able to maintain the straight and narrow path he’s on now.
Another bright side to the job is that I no longer have to buy much food. I get a free meal for each shift, which I usually split my sandwich in two and eat one half at the beginning of my shift and the other at the end, so lunch and dinner are covered. I’m hoping once we’ve mastered the closing duties, it won’t take us two hours to close the place.

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