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Bringing Integrity to the Written Word

I’m trying to make myself feel better about re-entering the workforce, by reminding myself that I’m 43-years-old and this is the first time I’ve taken a job that I immediately hated. And I have a plan to print 50 resumes next week and deliver them all around town. These are the things that keep me going.
I’m also trying to remember the the young no-cleaner girl is also a child of God, and therefore deserves to live. And, after receiving a love note from the young ex-con in the kitchen, asking me over to his place for a date, which must occur before 5 p.m., because that’s his curfew on weekends, I’m trying to remind myself that breaking his heart will probably be good for him.
And I’m looking for another job.
On a bright note, after another long and trying day at the job, during my evening walk home I ran into a gentleman whom I’ve seen on the street in front of my house regularly, and got the chance to talk to him. He’s the tree kisser. He wanders up and down the street hugging and kissing the trees, in a very heart-felt and passionate manner. Tonight I happened upon him as I was approaching a group of nefarious looking young men, so I caught up with the strange, old man, and struck up a conversation, so it appeared as if we were walking together.
It was then I recognized him as the tree-kisser. He’s probably 70 years-old and definitely has a brain that is wired differently. I asked him why he kissed the trees, and he said, “Because I love them.”
Turns out he also takes care of several lawns in the neighborhood, I’m assuming for a small fee, and tonight he was on his way to turn the water off of one of the lawns. He walked with me to my front door, telling me how we need to be nicer to the trees, and not forget that they give us oxygen.
Maybe I should get a job watering lawns.
Today is my Friday at the day job, and I must admit it’s kind of nice having a reason to look forward to the weekend. And my first story in a national magazine comes out this week. So was for the current edition of “BITCH” magazine, my name will be hailed by 50,000 readers.

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