Tabatha Deans

Bringing Integrity to the Written Word

Life in the cafe is starting to settle down a little bit, either that or my attitude is adjusting to those around me. However, life on the light rail is starting to get more interesting. I find myself riding home from work with several students, one woman in particular caught my eye the other night. I’d seen her in the cafe, she’d come in seeking a cup of water, then returned a short time later for another, having spilled the first one I gave her.
We began chatting on the D Line on our way home, and I asked her what she was studying at the college. She informed me she was learning to become a mortician. I commented that it sounded very interesting, and asked her if dead bodies didn’t creep her out.
“Oh no honey, I stay prayed up.” She said enthusiastically. “I pray up plenty, so workin’ with dead people isn’t nothin’ to me.”
Huh, prayed up. Praying up in advance. I had never thought of that concept. We went on chatting and it turns out she has a bullet in her back that bothers her when it gets cold. She’s also worked with dead people for many years, her family being in the mortuary business. Before I knew it I had arrived at my stop, and found myself looking forward to my commute.

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