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Well, I finally did it. I’ve been thinking about doing it, I’ve talked myself out of doing it several times, and finally, after a glass of wine and a few hours of boredom, I decided to take a risk. I moved my bed/futon under the window. With only 300 square feet to work with, I’m rather limited in the different ways I can arrange my furniture in my apartment. Making the move to the window carries several risks, mainly because my bed is about one inch short of being at the same level as the window sill.
The building is more than 100 years old, and windows are controlled by the old rope and pulley system, so there’s no way to attach a screen to them. When the window is open, there’s the danger of things falling out of it. My pillows were my biggest concern, since I have a lot of them on my futon, and I had visions of tossing on onto the bed and watching it sail through the window and plummet to the dumpster in the alley below. In theory, having my bed next to the window, could also pose the risk of myself actually falling out of the window in my sleep.
But after rearranging, I was confident I had made the right decision. The room looks bigger and more homey, and I settled in for a test drive of my new sleeping arrangements. I snuggled under my favorite blanket, and felt the cool fall breeze blow across my body. I could smell the food cooking in the restaurant next door, combined with the crispness of the fall night. I fell asleep almost immediately, although I do have to wear my sleeping mask, since the light in the alley is so close to my window. I rolled over once in the night, feeling a little too warm, but I just dangled my arm out the window and cooled myself down.
And since I’m on the third floor, overlooking the rooftop of 7-11, I’m pretty sure there was nobody watching when I kicked the covers off and exposed my backside to the cool air coming through the window. Unless of course, there’s someone out there like Jessica, with binoculars, and insomnia, scouring the open windows of their neighbors for a little fun…

After dropping off at least a dozen resumes and walking into every sandwich, coffee and/or beer joint looking for a job, I have finally solved the mystery of why I’m not getting hired. I don’t want to sound judgmental, but let’s face it, I am a little bit. I’ve noticed an unusual number of people manning the sandwich/coffee counter, who are either missing teeth, or have teeth that are black in between with rot. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I personally don’t care to be served food by someone with halitosis and rotting teeth. Yet, these are the people who are landing the food service jobs that I usually have no trouble getting. What gives?
During one particularly pleasant interview, (although I didn’t get that job either,) I was informed by the person interviewing me that Colorado, and probably many other states, in an effort to help people find jobs, offers a tax-break incentive to business owners who hire felons, welfare recipients, or people who are on the dole. So it’s not that I’m not qualified, I just don’t fit into any of those categories.
I wonder if they actually check your background to see if you have a felony on your record? Would it be worth lying, and checking that box on the application? Or would I get caught trying to pad my resume with a felony conviction?

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  1. Just stumbled onto your blog! Read about five posts. I’d forgotten what a great writer you are. You’re really easy to read. I love the honesty and optimism in your posts. I was cracking up at the part where you talk about padding your resume with a felony… What is the world coming to??

    Comment by Natalie Dicou | September 25, 2011 | Reply

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