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I’m happy to announce, that after learning several lessons I can only assume the Universe wanted me to learn from my crapeteria job, I am moving on. Starting next week I will be working for the Epilepsy foundation, in a job that doesn’t include grease or plastic gloves. Woohoo!
While I never thought I would say this, I’m actually going to be a little sad to leave the crapeteria. I’ve learned a lot about the people there, and have a new appreciation for hard work, felons, and ignorance.
The young one, whom rubbed me the wrong way from day one, has become someone that I hope will do well in life. After working out our differences, I’ve learned that she comes from a hard background, and has never had a good/positive/smart influence in her life. She touched my heart the other day when she came to me asking for advice on renting an apartment, how to purchase/use money orders, etc. “Wow, you’re so smart,” she said. That completely negated her initial statement about now wiping off the tables.
And all I can say about the Hispanic one is…wow. Through long shifts, too much work for one person and no breaks, she’s the only one who I have never heard complain. While myself (although usually silently) and the others complained about the job being too hard and not getting paid enough, and wishing for breaks, Suzie Q simply told us that at least we had a job. With my commitment of not quitting the job until I found another, it really drove home the fact that many people must suffer through unfair working conditions, just to survive.
As for the convicts—well, the first one is probably back in jail, because that’s where he belongs. Convict number two had made me realize that ignorance is to blame. She simply doesn’t know that what she’s done, what she says, are probably not the right things. Doing drugs and stealing are two things I assume everybody knows is bad. But she genuinely believes that the world is out to get her, and doesn’t realize that complaining publicly about her woes is socially unacceptable.
So I’ve been thoroughly humbled. I have a renewed respect for immigrants, felons, ignorance and the just plain stupid people. I will no longer judge them, I will accept that they are doing the best with what they’ve been given. However, I must say that as much as America touts it, it simply is not true. We are not all created equal…

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  1. Tabs,
    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”–
    Not even all of us born here or who have fought so that others could achieve there dreams have been afforded equality.
    It swells my heart that the emotions You have shared were earned in such an atmosphere .
    You have a wonderful soul.
    I pray for Your endeavors.
    Any chance You can text or E-mail me a mailing address

    As Always George Lab Rat

    Comment by George | September 29, 2011 | Reply

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