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I was reminded again this morning of another benefit of not having a vehicle. I awoke to the first snowstorm of the season, and my first in Denver. Luckily, I have scored a complete winter wardrobe for a ridiculously low price at my favorite thrift store, so I was prepared, and a little excited, to take all my gear out for a trial run. I donned my wool coat, waterproof boots, (which are a shiny black and resemble the ones Santa wears), gloves, scarf and hat, and headed out before the sun was up. I felt like a little kid again, kicking through the snow piles and splashing through puddles in my super-duper boots.
The city was nearly abandoned, and I wondered where the early morning transients I usually see roaming the streets had found shelter. The roads were dark, wet and shiny as I made my way down 17th to catch the mall shuttle, and I couldn’t decide if I felt an eerie feeling or a winter wonderland feeling. Everything was quiet, even the cars seemed muffled as they splashed by, but the darkness was aglow with the reflection of the new fallen snow as I tromped happily along.
When I reached the light rail station my coat was covered in snow flakes, and I joined the other commuters in line as we dusted off our coats and purchased our tickets. I ran into a new acquaintance, Mr. C, who peddles his bus tokens, and/or passes for a discount at the ticket machine. This morning he was kind enough to hold my umbrella over our heads while I waited for my train, so I could enjoy my coffee and warm my hands. We chatted about politics—he believes the protestors downtown and across the country aren’t as serious as those in the sixties because there hasn’t been any bloodshed. I agree some things need to change in our society, but I surely wouldn’t want to lose my life over it.
I spent the day reading, writing, watching the snow fall and exploring the mysteries of the thrift store. And I’m happy to report that all of my winter apparel performed more than adequately, and I was dry from head to toe after tromping my way back up the hill to my cozy little apartment through the first storm of the year.

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