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I’ve lived here nearly 8 months now, and with the exception of apartment numbers 33 and 37(that’s me), every person who now lives on my third floor is new. And young. The Jock is my age, the “little girl” who lives at the front is friendly and tiny, the “musicians” couple can’t be more than 21. They’re the newest addition to the floor and I hear wonderful singing coming through their door. I’m pretty sure they’re also “420” enthusiasts, since they came out of their apartment followed by a cloud of smoke, and proceeded to walk the wrong direction, down the hall to my apartment, and tried to exit through the fire escape room at the wrong end of the building. They seemed genuinely frightened when they realized they were lost.
“Magyver and the hairdresser” (I helped him break into their apartment using a library card and hairpins. She is young and adorable, and her hair changes colors and styles often. The “business woman” reminds me a lot of Jess. Newly graduated, interned and now hired in Corporate America. She’s really nice and we chat and drink wine on the patio. The “young one,” moved into the unit next to me. I’ve met her exactly twice, and am pretty sure she pretty much doesn’t really live there. There’s a mystery man who also lives on this floor, I’ve never met him and the only sign of his existence is the mysterious white powder foot prints leading into and out of his apartment. I’m thinking something nefarious going on with baby powder behind his door.
I’m thinking about hosting a get-acquainted party for all of us on the floor, but I’m not sure if that would be an “old lady” kind of thing to do. But, considering I am officially certified as a Community Emergency Response Team member, it might be a good idea.

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