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My, what a difference a week makes. Last weekend when I came home from work I stood on the corner of the mall, waiting for the mall shuttle that runs every three minute, to take me to the top of the street, where I walk the last seven blocks up the hill to my apartment. No shuttle came. I waited. Still no shuttle. The masses started murmuring about the lack of shuttles. “I haven’t seen one all night,” said a man. I guess they’re not running today.
The mall shuttles are always running. Even at 6:30 on Saturday mornings they’re running. But sure enough, none were running that night. With my latest treasure tucked under my arm, (a beautiful vintage glass, green lamp, the kind I’m sure every grandmother has,) I started making my way through the throngs of people on the street. I finally arrived, slightly sweaty from the workout, at the top of the mall, where I was met by a wall of police, all dressed in riot gear. It was a spooky sight. They were lined shoulder to shoulder, face-protectors pulled down, night sticks in hand, and with serious expressions on their faces.
They didn’t say a word to the masses as we passed, and the street suddenly became silent. Then I heard shouting. And those of us on the street were pushed aside as a group of Occupy Denver protestors marched our way, chanting about the lack of democracy and corporate greed as they passed us. The cops watched them go by, and we all hesitated for a minute. I, personally, stopped to look for an escape route, determined not to let my beautiful lamp be shattered by rubber bullets. The cops just stood, staring meanly at all of us, and the protesters walked on by.
Tonight the mall seemed like a different place. Bell ringers stood on every corner, shaking their bells as passersby dropped change into their buckets, presumably to be used for the downtrodden. No cops in riot gear, just tourists and locals wandering the mall in search of a beer, a movie and perhaps some shopping. The holidays are upon us, and suddenly whatever injustices are being protested no longer exist.

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  1. as your momma i’m so glad your making friends, albeit some neferious ones but who am i to judge? keep up the good work. love ya lots momma

    Comment by brenda deans | November 21, 2011 | Reply

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