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Ahhh, the joy that is Thanksgiving. I spent the night with Tim and Mona and the kids, and awoke early to the smell of coffee brewing. While Tim and Mona did the healthy thing and kicked off their holiday with a 5k community walk/run, I lounged on the couch sipping coffee, listening to the teenager regale me with stories of high school, and indulged in a mini-pedicure and watching trash TV. Okay, it was actually Princess Ashley painting my toenails a sparkling green color.
I was left in charge of the important task of watching the rolls rise, baking them, then fighting off the teenager from eating any of them before the parents returned. We fought off out hunger by eating Apple Jacks and distracting ourselves by dressing up the dog, coloring and just hanging out. After Tim and Mona returned, the day quickly filled up with cooking, preparing, munching and many, many Skype appointments with family members.
Finally it was time for dinner. The turkey was moist and delicious, the potatoes covered in gravy made from scratch, and, as it turns out, I do like sweet potatoes. We enjoyed a glass of wine and great conversation while we waited for our food to settle enough to allow room for pie, which we took to the patio to eat and enjoy the warm weather.
Having changed into comfortable clothes to accommodate our expanding stomachs, and kicked off our shoes to relax, I admired my newly painted toenails. Then a flash of green that was not my own caught my eye. I looked over and realized that my brother’s large feet were also adorned with the same color of green toenail polish that I had on mine….

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