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I remember when I traveled to Spain, what a shock it was to get off the plane and see guards, dressed in military outfits with machine guns slung over their shoulders, standing around the airport. There had been a car bombing there shortly before we arrived, and apparently the armed guards had become a part of everyday life there. That was the first time I’d traveled abroad, and felt genuinely thankful for the fact that I lived in the United States. I wondered how people could live in fear everyday, and if they ever got used to it.
The other night Tim and Mona met me at my house to attend the opening of a play called Santa’s Big Red Sack. (It was hilarious) I live about 10 blocks from the Civic Center Park, where the Occupy Denver movement is. I live on Restaurant Row and the streets here are always filled with tourists and locals out for a night on the town. It’s a happy place, and quite a walk up the hill from downtown.
As we stood on my corner waiting for the light to change, a police pick-up truck pulled up to the light, then turned down my street. About 15 officers were crammed into the back of the truck, and many were hanging onto the side, on some kind of step mounted on the truck. It was a moving wall of cops, and every one of them was decked out in full riot gear.
The novelty of seeing the riot cops has worn off. Now, to see them in my neighborhood, out in such force, makes me wonder if this has become America’s new normal….

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