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With the holidays behind me and having fully recovered from my television melt-down, it was time to leave my warm apartment and make my commute to the office. I find myself looking forward to the early morning walk, just as the sun is rising and casting a glow upon the towering buildings of the city. Sipping my coffee, listening to Simon and Garfunkel on my iPod, and strolling down 17th Avenue, I was feeling good.
The first leg of my journey is about ten blocks into the city itself, then I board the free mall shuttle for a few blocks to the light rail station. I’m never disappointed with the conversations going on. This morning, I overheard a gentleman, about my age, apparently on the phone with his grown son.
“What time’s your interview?” the man asked.
“I don’t want to tell you what to do or anything, but you might have a better chance of getting the job if you trim your hair a little bit.” He listened to his son’s response, which, judging from his face and answer was defiant. “I’m just saying. I know, but you have to understand that employers are going to judge you on your first impression.”
The son continued to protest, and the father went on to explain that although he knew what a great person his son was, strangers at the interview had no idea how brilliant and personable the boy was. Frustrated, the father hung up after telling his son good luck and that he loved him. I caught the lady next to me smiling like myself, both of us knew exactly what the father was going through.
Mr. C was waiting for me at the light rail station. He had no tokens to sell, but he had a gift for me. It was a leather pouch that hung around his neck, which he kept his phone and change in. I tried to decline the gift, but to no avail. I have come to realize that Mr. C might think I’m his girlfriend. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, except that every time I see him he’s on his way to report to his parole officer or off to a mental health appointment. My new year’s resolution is to be more firm with people like Mr. C. But today I just took his gift and said thank you.

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