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No more transit dating for me! Mr. C was heartbroken when he saw me walking arm in arm downtown with PTM, and let me know so when I saw him on the train. Oh well, probably good for him. But when I got off the train at the Yale station, I ran into Mr. Joey, who eagerly hounded me as to why I hadn’t called him/when would I be calling him. I tried to explain to him that I had been busy, and had left him a message we would have to do our date later in the week. I hurried off to work with a promise to call him and let him know when we could meet.
I returned his call as I was walking home, and he actually copped a pretty big attitude with me when I told him Friday night at six would be good for me. “Why not now? What about tomorrow? What are you doing tomorrow? I think we should get together for coffee or something before we go out on a date and I spend money on you.” Yes, he actually said those words.
I promptly told him that I had plans for the week, Friday would be the best I could do.
Then he pulled the “Manners” line one me. ME! The queen of manners. In fact it’s my stupid good manners and being nice to everybody that now had me on the phone arguing with a complete stranger. I snapped back that I had texted him to let him know about the change of plans. And realized I had committed a huge social mistake. One that I hate when people do it to me. I had assumed he had a cell phone and got my text. He does not have a cell phone, only a landline.
He was still being a jerk, but I could at least understand a little more why, since it did indeed appear as if I’d made a date and unceremoniously broken it. Damn.
So I’m on my way to have coffee with him. Mostly out of guilt, but partly thinking that I will make him NOT like me, then we can be done with all of this nonsense…

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  1. Such oppositional chemistry already. I think you found mr. right!

    Comment by G-dog | January 19, 2012 | Reply

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