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I’m in love with the postal system. In fact I may be a little addicted to shipping packages. It began last winter, when I had accumulated more Christmas gifts than my tiny apartment could handle. I threw it all in oversized bags and lugged it to the post office. It took some cramming and creative packaging, but I managed to fit everything into three boxes, shipped priority, for about $30. Initially I flinched because I hadn’t paid $30 for the contents of all three boxes, but as I thought about each recipient as they opened their package, and how happy they would be with the gifts I sent them, $30 suddenly seemed like a bargain. Or a credit card commercial. Happiness, according to the United States Postal Service, costs about $30.
My father has sent me a valentine every year for almost as long as I can remember. No matter where we are, his four children, his annual packages of love always finds us. I always look forward to it, but, am ashamed to admit, I have never reciprocated. Valentine’s isn’t my favorite holiday, and aside from my father’s token it has long lost its allure for me.
Until now.
It all started with a box of cards I bought, with the intent of sending Jessica one, along with a book I want her to read, as a valentine’s present. I addressed Jessica’s, then thought about the other five cards. They were happy cards, with heart shapes scattered across the front. I didn’t want to tuck them away somewhere in the apartment, they really didn’t merit the space.
Surely I could think of five Valentines.
I did immediately. Then I thought of five more. Then I started thinking about the kids, and before I knew it my list was nearly a page long.
So watch your mailbox…

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