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Bringing Integrity to the Written Word

With my friend Fire Walker visiting from Alabama, having another person in my little apartment, it was glaringly obvious that I may have developed an unhealthy obsession with watching the alley way through my window. I tried to explain to her that it was better than any entertainment I could rent, and didn’t even go into how much better it was than television, since, alas, we no longer have free television to watch.
We watched several people wander through the alley, and apparently peeking inside of dumpsters is a hobby shared by many, because nearly every person walking through at least took a look in every dumpster they passed. One gentleman’s interest was peaked by a painting, or a picture, that was hanging halfway out of the dumpster. He pulled it out and gave it a close look, before climbing into the dumpster in search of additional treasures. He climbed back out with what looked like a half of a loaf of bread, retrieved his new picture, and continued on his way.
Afternoon turned into early evening, and after being out and about around town, Fire Walker and I returned home for dinner and some quality alley watching time. There wasn’t much action however, and we took to reminiscing, ignoring the alley way temporarily. Then we heard singing, and laughing, coming from the alley. We hurried to the window to see what we could see. And it was worth the rush.
I’m assuming the man lost a bet. That’s safer than thinking he was in the alley voluntarily. As we peered down from my great vantage point, we were treated to an extra-special surprise. Two men, relatively young, were walking our way. The man in the rear was holding a dog leash, which was attached around the neck of the man walking in front of him. The man in front was also wearing tights and a tutu, and at the command of the man behind him, performed pirouettes and various ballet dance moves. (They were all horribly done, and I’m positive the young man had no official dance training.)
We couldn’t tell for sure which one was singing, but the man holding the leash prodded his friend all the way down the alley, making him dance and pirouette for all of us invisible voyeurs to see.

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