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About 15 years ago I was crossing the country with my new friend LMPT, driving from Utah to Atlanta in a week. We approached Denver, and I knew nothing about the place at the time. In fact, we opted to take the belt route around the city, not even stopping for lunch. As we were working our way around the city, a foot-long pipe fell off the back of a diesel in front of us, bouncing and slamming up underneath our car with a mighty crash. We were unharmed and the trip ended well, with the two of us becoming true friends by the time we parted ways.
And now, here I am, celebrating my one year anniversary of living in Denver. I sit on the balcony of my urban castle, a warm, spring-like breeze is blowing, the patio at Hamburger Mary’s is open and half-full. It really does seem like just yesterday I stood in the same spot, full of excitement and fear, eager to start another chapter of my life.
Although the newness has worn off, over the last few months I’ve really felt like this was home. I can’t help but wonder if Denver actually made its mark on me so long ago…

The “Secret,” the “Law of attraction,” the “Universe,” or Destiny. There are many names for the power of positive thinking, and although I’m not sure which one is the truth, I do know that picturing what I want, and hoping, wishing and working for it has always netted me good fortune.
Of late I’ve been focusing a lot on money. Scouring the internet for writing jobs, searching for publications that may pay me for my services. I assume, of course, that the Universe understands completely what it is that I’m wanting.
Not always so.
As I jogged the streets for my morning exercise, I came across, lying on the ground, a 20 dollar bill. At least it looked like a folded bill. When I picked it up and unfolded it, it turned out to be only a small piece of a 20 dollar bill. I turned it over in my hands and tried to remember what I’d learned from a documentary about money years ago. Dejected, I remembered that the rule was you had to have more than half of the bill for it to be valid. Darn.
I returned home and showered, then headed out for the library. Oddly enough, I ran across a 1 dollar bill lying in the grass. As I bent to pick it up, I realized that this too, was only a portion of an actual bill.
Twice, in one day, I’d been blessed with finding money, although apparently I need to manifest my desires a little more—specifying that I would really like whole bills of money…

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