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I officially have a valid reason to retire to my little apartment, curl up in the fetal position on my futon, and watch all 10 episodes of Friends in one sitting.
It’s official. I’m not young anymore.
While being oriented as a new volunteer for the VOICE, the street magazine that helps support homeless people, we talked about some of the barriers vendors face in getting a real job. Many of them have mental health issues, most don’t have clean clothes for interviews, no phone for a contact, etc. But one thing kept coming up that sent chills down my spine and struck fear in my heart.
“And they have the age thing against them,” said my orientor. “They’re 45, 50. Nobody’s going to hire them at that age.”
Kapow! 45? That’s only 1.2 years away for me.
Is that how people see me when they meet me? When I walked into every coffee shop in Denver handing out resumes, did the people behind the counter just see me as an “older” person? Didn’t they know that this little package has 43 years of experience, wisdom and knowledge inside of it? Not to mention that I’m physically more fit than many young people I know.
So, we start working at the age of 16 or 18, and we work until we’re 65. That’s nearly 50 years of working. I would think that employers would value the experience of “older” workers, plus the fact that most of us no longer have children living at home, thus we can be completely committed to our jobs. I would think that employers would realize that “older” workers also have less drama in our lives, thus less drama in the workforce.
Think about it. If your industry/job were gone tomorrow, and you found yourself starting all over again, how would the world see you?

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