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I used to love the Montgomery Wards Catalog when I was little. It was a big book of wishes, and I spent hours perusing my perfect bedroom, record-players, and for one full year, a pair of white, ankle-boot style roller-skates. I currently owned the model with metal wheels, leather straps and a key for adjusting them. These in the catalog were faux-leather boots with wheels made out of some kind of soft plastic. They were like the ones you rented at the roller-rink, and Kathy and I had vowed to spend our entire summer roller-skating and learning tricks.
A few weeks before my birthday my mom placed the order for my skates. They would be shipped to the Montgomery Ward counter in our town, and should arrive within seven to ten days. I stared at that page every day, and hounded my mom to start calling the store to see if they had been delivered. I waited anxiously, and thought how wonderful the world was because of Montgomery Ward’s. You could just look through the pages, make a phone call, and whatever you desired would be delivered nearly to your front door. The skate finally came, they were awesome. I am still a very talented roller-skater.
I had this flashback while browsing my “Montgomery Ward’s catalog of men,” aka. I have scorned the idea of online dating for years, defending the time-honored tradition of meeting people naturally. Here I must admit my prejudice may have been unmerited.
It’s actually the perfect answer to meeting people. All their information is right there, along with a description and a few details about what we have in common. Obviously, after the Nazi scare, I have been reading the profiles more carefully. And I find myself waiting anxiously to check my email. Each new profile I read, and I do read some just out of curiosity, gives me a peek into another person’s life. Everyone has a story–

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  1. Everyone does have a story……Thanks for sharing yours. Good luck in the dating scene!

    Comment by Christine | April 30, 2012 | Reply

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